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True Funeral

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Introducing Long Life Insurance

Long Life Insurance has been established to partner with South African funeral businesses to help them provide their customers with industry leading funeral insurance products that have:

• Highly competitive pricing
• Excellent customer service
• Fast claims pay-outs
• High claims approval rates


Exclusive funeral policy underwriting

We are highly specialised and
focused on providing best in
class funeral policies.

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Long Life Insurance is intentionally only licensed to underwrite funeral policies. Read more.


True Funeral Business

We do not compete with our
funeral business partners.

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We have intentionally not registered as an FSP so that we cannot sell policies directly to end customers. Read more.


Business Development Support

Strategic business development
services and tools for compliance,
sustainability and growth.

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Due to our belief in long term partnerships, we offer our funeral business partners comprehensive business development support. Read more.


Technology Provision

Accessible, reliable technology
for building sustainable,
profitable funeral businesses.

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We believe in the power of technology for building sustainable, profitable funeral businesses. Read More.


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